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Thread: Garage Daiba?

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    Garage Daiba?

    Someone better at deciphering please look at this: ... 015-n1.htm
    (Story dated October 3, 2009)

    As best I can tell, this is some kind of shop that caters to Golden Age post-WWII era Japanese culture (Showa 30-50?), located in "Odaiba Mall"(?), and they have an extensive display of tin cars, as well as reproductions that are for sale. They describe it as a "theme park" (everything with a display case in Japan is called a theme park, but this one looks like it has some interesting stuff like a full sized bubble car and the award blocks from a past Olympics). I think it says

    They list off some cars specifically:
    "Toyota Crown, Nissan Cedric, Bellett Isuzu and Daihatsu Midget tricycle"

    There seems to be some mention of a display that ends on October 25th. This may be a car display within a retro themed shopping mall.

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    Sorry, can't read the story, but I have been to Garage Daiba. It's a vintage theme toy store located in a vintage theme shopping mall within a mall, Decks Tokyo Beach. It is owned by Mr. Kitahara, the same guy that owns Toy's Club and is a world renowned tin toy expert.

    My wife just took a quick look at the story you linked to... it's was a tin toy exhibit of Showa era toy cars.

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    Nice J-tin, literally! Those things must be worth a mint. Awesome.

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    What I was deciphering didn't seem right, someplace in Odaiba named "The Garage" so close to MegaWeb's History Garage... Sounds sort of like putting a Six Flags theme park across the street from Disney world.

    I followed the links Toyotageek provided. I walked right past this place! It was between Aqua City (shopping mall, not water park, think retail shops not water slides and bikinis) and the train station. Now I'm angry with myself for not going in and looking around and missing what looks like a really great car nut shop.

    Soon enough, we will all be experts on the street layout and navigate Tokyo like we were life long natives, in our mind. But in my case, by the time I get to use that knowledge again, it's probably going to be more like a gathering of old timers with dialog like: "Do you remember that place that used to be across from the other place that they tore down before they built another place that isn't there anymore?"

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