Hi everyone, figured it was about time I make an account here. Lots of great information on here. I bought the cressy in Dec of last year. I absolutely love the car especially driving it the first time. I bought it with a broken 3rd gear on the stock auto trans. Then about 5 days later after buying it, the head went in it. So after settling on a 7mge for it, I found out the head was toast in this engine. So after not wanting head problems I said "Why not go big" so I now have a 1uz and auto trans that I pulled out of a 96 Ls400. I got the ecu, wiring harness, and fuse box for it as well. I have a lot of work ahead of me including swapping rear ends, wiring the thing (going from carb to efi) and I happen to have no previous knowledge on wiring, and tonnes more work. So after all my babbling, heres some pics

stock engine before the tear down