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Thread: 18rgeu turbo discussion

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    18rgeu turbo discussion

    I have an 18rgeu and am in the middle of planing the build. So far here is what Have planned.


    stock efi intake/injectors

    SDS management-EM-5 E/MSD

    w50 trans

    stock flywheel

    Questions on some Ideas I have...

    supra throttle body

    t3/t4 turbo?

    turbo manifold?

    which toyota injectors?

    Air to air front mount or air to water intercooler?

    I am thinking that I will have a friend water jet the exhaust flange using a TRD header for measurements then buying one of the turbo manifold kits available off the shelf. Im also wondering which motor; 4ag, 3sge etc has the most similar distance between the exhaust ports so I can put the turbo manifold kit on the jetted flange for the 18rg.


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    Re: 18rgeu turbo discussion

    Sign up to a forum called ToyMods. There is a whole thread, pages long, full of info on a 18RGTE build.

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    Re: 18rgeu turbo discussion

    I am a member now on Toymods thanks. Anyone in the states have any good info too?

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