As I'm getting older, my taste in vehicles seems to change. Started with a 97 Eagle Talon. Went all motor with it. Sold that to buy my second 6th gen Galant VR4. That GVR4 left to fund the purchase of an 89 Pajero. (Raider-schmaider.) And now, as I'm getting ready to peddle the other GVR4, I feel like I'm finally succumbinbg to the itch for an old 1st-3rd gen Galant.

If you hadn't noticed, I'm a bit of a Mitsubishi guy. When the last of my VR4s departs later this month, I'll have a 4G63T and assorted odds and ends laying around the garage. Thinking of something simple, light, with about 250hp at the rear wheels, and character for miles. Gotta pay off some bills first, of course, but the hunt begins. Hopefully going to have some J-tin of my own before spring rolls around again.

There's still that urge to look at old Alfas or maybe find a way to import a Wartburg from the old country, and I'd probably trade it all for a facelifted Delica Starwagon, but it would seem a travesty to throw a 4G63 in the former, and the latter won't be "safe" or "clean" enough for US regulations for several years. For now, there's a call I feel I must answer, and sooner than later.

Craigslist turns up bupkis in terms of the older Galants, I'm a little scared of daily driving something borderline unreplaceable that an insurance carrier is never going to value more than a couple hundred bucks, and there's still several months between me and whatever the future holds. Still, I wanted to join this well-respected community of experts to begin my training.

PS: That anti-spam security question is intense. Took me two browsers and the better part of an hour to register. Oy vey. Kudos for the challenge.