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Thread: Toyota red paint codes

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    Toyota red paint codes

    Can you guys recommend a really good toyota red paint code to me.

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    Re: Toyota red paint codes

    While more of a maroon, I do like Toyota's 'Barcelona Red' featured on their newer cars, that code is '3R3', you see this color on Camry SE's and Corolla S models.

    Or if you want the red found on the MK4 Supra, it'd be 'Super Red Clearcoat', paint code '3L5'.

    Also a bit of a pointer since I sell Toyota parts, all the red paint codes start with a 3. Even the darker reds. Also if you see a car in a red you like and you're able to get the owner/dealership/junkyard to open the driver side door, look for a black metal tag/plate stamped onto the body, it'll have the VIN# and other info on it, on the left bottom side, look for 'C/TR' portion, the 3 characters after that is the paint code.

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    Re: Toyota red paint codes

    3E5 and 3E6 which is nicer ?

    i see some reds on these cars that amaze me, what code are you guys using ?

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    Re: Toyota red paint codes

    not going to spend time to see what kind of car you're attempting to paint. guessing Supra.

    here's a list of paint codes used on most Toyotas from the early days to present:

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