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Thread: Drift day! (Lots of pics)

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    Drift day! (Lots of pics)

    I went to a drift day up in the mountains the other day. A few of my 86 buddies and I got together and rented the parking lot at the ski-area for the day. Naturally we destroyed some tires! There were some other guys there too on a bigger parking lot next to ours.
    I'll let the pictures do the talking!

    Some of the cars that showed up

    One of my buddies and his S2000

    The guys in the next parking lot

    Long shot

    And yours truly (Most fun I've had in a very long time)!

    I spun her a few times, haha!

    And knocked a few cones over, hehe!

    And the damage

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    Well done David,

    looks like a great day was had by all, so cool you can rent a car park to drift!

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    yeah, dont think we can rent a car park here in my place :cry:

    beside that car park is huge!

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