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Thread: Need help contacting a garage in Inagi, Japan

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    Need help contacting a garage in Inagi, Japan

    Hey guys, some of you may have seen my post about a Skyline that has been sitting for a while at a Japanese garage, and I was wondering if anyone here can help get in contact, I have tried. You can feast your eyes upon a Skyline!

    The garage is called R-Moon,
    Phone is: 042-379-5254
    Address is: ? 206-0812 Tokyo Inagi Yanokuchi 2395-1
    Website is:

    Any help is very much appreciated! Not sure where the best place to post this was, so I just posted it here.

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    Re: Need help contacting a garage in Inagi, Japan

    Hi there. Thought I'd give you my experience of trying to contact garages in Japan. In short, total failure !
    When I started looking at getting a car from Japan I e-mailed varoius well known companies in both English and google-translated Japanese and got no response. I'm pretty sure they either didn't read or speak English, the translations I sent were complete nonsense or they just didn't want to deal with someone from the other side of the world. It seems this isn't generally an aggressive thing, more that they just dont now how or where to start. I'm sure as time passes, more firms will be happy to deal with foreigners.
    As far as your blue Hako is concerned, I have a feeling that things may be a little more complicated. The Youtube clip was posted in 2011, but we dont know when it was shot. If you go to street view it's dated 2009 but more worryingley I'm not convinced that it is the same location as the video as the surrounding buildings look very different ! (though some of the cars are the same). The satellite shot is the same place but it looks to be another time.
    So either the clip was shot ages ago and there has been some demolition work done or R-Moon has moved. Either way I dunno what your chances of finding that Hako are, it does look pretty rough but you never know.
    Good luck with your search though,

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    Re: Need help contacting a garage in Inagi, Japan

    Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I emailed them quite a while and them not wanting to deal with someone across the Pacific. I was confirmed that the Skyline is still there when I asked the guy who posted the video on Youtube. I thought it would be a cool car to keep the exterior the same, revamp the engine and interior, maybe a bit of repair on serious rust, and just have a (In lack of better terms here) Japanese ratrod style Haku. Anyways, thanks for the reply!

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