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Thread: Project Update Accord 1.6 L into Civic Gen 1

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    Project Update Accord 1.6 L into Civic Gen 1

    Just now starting on this project. It will be slow going because I having the 4 sp trans rebuilt while it is out. Now focus turns toward engine mounting. Note how I have installed the brackets for mount and alternator. I will powder coat these eventually, but for now I am doing the test fit.

    Note how the oil filter is the the only corrosion on this entire engine.

    I have seen a number of projects that use this engine with a Civic 1200 but would like to know from someone that has performed this swap. Assistance with the engine mounts and whether anything has to be done with the axles.

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    Re: Project Update Accord 1.6 L into Civic Gen 1

    I can't help at all, but I'm really interested to see how you go with this. It's looking very tidy so far.
    I just finished a rebuild of an 1.2L EB1 for my 77 Civic, and now can't help wondering if it would have been any harder to fit a 1.6L Accord engine instead. My local wreckers has a large number of Accords slowly turning to rust!

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