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Thread: classic Civic in new Civic TVCM

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    classic Civic in new Civic TVCM

    The :30 commercial shows a perfectly '70s yellow 1st gen Civic 2-door CVCC stylishly motoring down a city street to a funk guitar soundtrack. It then parks at the curb and the driver exits wearing a "save the earth" T-shirt. The camera then follows the driver walking down the street through various eras of "save the earth" T-shirts to the present day, where he hops into a new dull gray Civic and drives off.

    The 1st gen gets far more screen time than the 8th gen! It's a pretty overt nod to nostalgia. Too bad they didn't have time to explain what made the CVCC such a 'green' car back then, aside from just being fuel-efficient.

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    Saw that commercial Monday night and was looking for a copy of it on the internet to post and could not. Great ad!

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    Haven't seen it yet.

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    I've been looking for this on YouTube every day for the past week! I see it on TV all the time now, but it's still not on the internet anywhere. Honda's website even has some of their tv commercials in the video section of their various models, but nothing in the Civic section =(

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