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Thread: your favorite red paint codes

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    your favorite red paint codes

    I've been browsing through this site and seen some cars with really great red paint jobs.

    I wanted to know if you guys know any really good red paint codes because I plan to paint my 91 MR2 soon.

    give me the red paint code and a picture sample.

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    Re: your favorite red paint codes

    Whatever red was on the '93 Celica GT my mom had, and you can never go bad with Porsche Guards Red or Ruby Red...but I'm biased. :P

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    Re: your favorite red paint codes

    I'm not sure what color my wagon was painted, it definitely doesn't look like the original "bright red" it lists on the core support, but I love it! Reminds me of '60s Pontiac GTO "Carasouel Red" Red-Orange.

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