I eventually will own a nostalgic Japanese car. Currently, I have a 94 Mazda MX-5, Eunos, Miata... whatever name you use for them in your part of the world. I enjoy working on cars and have restored various marques through the years. My previous builds were popular American cars, but I am tired of the commonality and lack of character in that community. It has become an aftermarket haven, where all you do is by repop parts and crate engines. I hate that. It shows no skill, beyond being skilled in the art of shopping. My Miata has an aftermarket following, but I prefer buying used parts, or refurbing my own over buying new when possible.

The part I enjoy most on this forum is the skill set of many builders. You are resourceful and meticulous. These are things I do, but I hope to up my game by learning from you all!