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Thread: Datsun Super Six -Cedric

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    Datsun Super Six -Cedric

    Hi Everyone
    I'm considering buying a 1969 Datsun Super Six
    I know they are not the prettiest or most desirable old Datsun but I've always liked unusual cars.
    It seems to be a relatively easy restoration project being the first I've done for the last 15 years (240Z ground up previously)
    I'm in the process of building a new home with a 4 car garage to give me the room to do another big resto if I can find a 240K coupe.
    In the meantime this Cedric appeals with a clean repaint and interior , lowered with a wide set of wheels could be a cool cruiser .

    So, can anyone provide me with links for information on these cars?
    I'd love to know for instance what wheels would fit and where I can source them.
    Anyone in Australia deal with parts for these?

    Appreciate any infornation

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    Re: Datsun Super Six -Cedric

    Im also a Cedric lover, and am on the prowl for a nice 330-series.
    The super six was an awesome car for its time, and i wish you luck! have you tried goo-net-exchange? its a good website to browse!

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    Re: Datsun Super Six -Cedric

    Have you heard of import monster or ep imports i have delt through them abit there really good and have alot of knowledge

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