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Thread: crossmember to fit w50 to RA21 chassis

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    crossmember to fit w50 to RA21 chassis

    Im fitting a w50 to my 18rc equiped RA21, and I'm noticing the crossmember for the w40 it came with does not match up. is there a crossmember for the w50 that fits the w50 to an RA21 chassis, and if not has anybody modified one to fit?

    Thanks for any help in advance, this is holding up the project. I was planning to test out the transmission before my 18rg build was finished.

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    Re: crossmember to fit w50 to RA21 chassis

    how does it not match up? if possible, best bet would be to find a crossmember from a 5-speed celica and see how that works. some cars you can turn the crossmember 180 or use the auto crossmember if it's easier to obtain.

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