Just a note to introduce myself here. I did sign up once a few years ago, but apparently that account doesn't exist anymore.

Anyway, I'm a Kyusha fan. Addicted to the point of no return. I have a 240Z that I bought in 2007 and completely restored from the ground up and a 510 I've only recently been able to drive around the neighborhood a bit.

I do all my own work, so projects tend to take a little while. My goal is to be able to register and drive the dime before winter time. The Z I mostly just drive for fun and the occasional show. It'd be awesome to make a run down to JCCS this year with my '69 Honda Z50 in the back seat, but I doubt that'll happen. I did have my Z in JCCS in 2011.
There aren't many older Japanese vehicles where I live. When these cars were sold new, the closest dealership was in Las Vegas which would have been 2.5 - 3 hours away or more at the time, especially pre '73 when the Virgin River Gorge section of I-15 opened. Before then it probably would have been easier to drive the 4 hours to SLC. So, not much going on here. All the action is up in Northern Utah. I don't mind, I just go on ordering parts from other parts of the country and remaining unique for the area.