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Thread: Bye KE70 corolla....Hello Mx63 Cressida Now what?

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    Bye KE70 corolla....Hello Mx63 Cressida Now what?

    Hello all. I Just sold my KE70/AE71 corolla and bought a mx63 cressida. Now what should i do with it? Well they dont sell coilovers for this that ive seen,... so getting low like i want is gonna be some hard work, but it will be worth it. I been looking online for about a week strait, and im not really finding anything out so,..any advice tips or linc's you can shoot me will be highly appreciated. Anybody else with a solid rear axel mx63 want to share there setup? Ideally some sort of weld in adjustable spring perche's and short stroke shocks would work good i guess but what fits? Anywho How's it hangin bro's

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    Re: Bye KE70 corolla....Hello Mx63 Cressida Now what?

    look in my sedan who loved me thread.

    Fronts get s13 camber plates, cut and shut struts with mr2 inserts, ebay coilover perches.
    IRS Rears get 5.5x8.5-10 circle track springs and camaro shocks. I do know the camaro shocks work on live axle x6s, but you will have to measure the rear spring diameter to be sure of fit.


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