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Thread: Don't laugh...looking at an '86 Tercel

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    Don't laugh...looking at an '86 Tercel

    Hey there, I've decided that after three years I'm not subjecting my Mazda2 to any more salty Ohio winters so I started looking for another winter car and fould this: ... 1989360353

    The dealer states that the brake lines are rotted and the rockers and one rear inner fender have holes in them. This sounds repairable to me...thoughts? The plan would be to get it back here, do a tune-up, kill the rust that's there and prep the floorpan (POR-15?) and drive the car this winter, washing it weekly to keep the rust at bay. Bonus: in the summer, I've got another JNC to run around in!

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    Re: Don't laugh...looking at an '86 Tercel

    they better fix the brakes or else i wouldnt pay that much.

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    Re: Don't laugh...looking at an '86 Tercel

    definition of a basket case. i can't see any redeeming value in this thing. you might be able to justify using it as a winter beater if and only if you didn't have to put a dime into it, but think of what happens to you when some guy in a pickup loses it and slides into you? the rust means that instead of just being trapped inside of a sheetmetal origami sculpture, the panels would likely disintegrate at the seams and you'd be taking the hit directly to your body.

    a proper winter beater is something with enough bulk to absorb an impact when the streets turn into a game of bumper cars.

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    Re: Don't laugh...looking at an '86 Tercel

    If you get a tercel, you might as well look at the ones around 83. they are wagons with 4wd! they are great cars and handle mud snow etc, and are a blast to drive.

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