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Thread: Please help: Sticker in Japanese

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    Please help: Sticker in Japanese

    Hi everyone,
    I bought this random sticker at a garage sale, but I have no clue what it says. I don't speak or read Japanese, and the only English on the whole thing says "Made In Japan" on the back. I don't even know if it is automotive related. Looks like the sticker it's self is Kanji, and there is a variety of Japanese text on the front and back. (Likely instructions on how you should apply the sticker.)
    You can view pics of the sticker below.
    Please help me out someone! I am insanely curious about the translation of this sticker, and have been unable to find any info on it so far.


    The sticker:

    The top label:

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    Re: Please help: Sticker in Japanese

    I only speak Cantonese, not Japanese, and my reading is pretty weak. In Chinese though the characters are (pretty/beautiful)(girl) (in/location)(this one I don't know)(middle/inside/center) yep I'm pretty useful here.

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    Re: Please help: Sticker in Japanese

    3 kanjis i cant read the character tsu, i think race car? another kanji i cant read katakana says sutekkaa. then something daisoo is in the circled part. im still learning kanji i can only read katakana and hiragana. At least its the same language

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    Re: Please help: Sticker in Japanese

    I have a friend that is Japanese. She is JDM, lol. This is her reply to me when I showed her a picture of the sticker.

    "Well, the first two letters (??) = beauty (as in beautiful woman).

    The last three letters (???) = during his/her tenure.

    BUT, the meaning will be different depending on where (what kind of... type of group?) she is in.

    1. "During his career" (=???) the BlueWave, Ichiro got 1,278 hits.

    2. The older of the two daughters is "in college" (=???)."

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