I'm here to learn from you guys. I see some amazing build threads here. I have two cars, owned since new that I absolutely love. The first is my 86' Mazda B2000 truck (don't laugh at me!). I also drive a '91 MR2. The MR2 is in great condition, though the paint could use some attention and on the inside of the bottom of the doors, I have some rust starting. The truck is trashed, but I want to bring her back to her former state of glory. My question is this: does anyone have sources in Japan for location some NOS seat fabric for reupholstering my interior? I've found places in the United States that buy stock from suppliers when a car goes out of production, and they can supply things for US cars from the beginning of time through the 90's. I'm thinking there may be an equivalent in Japan.



The "Deuce"

Here are a few shots from back in the day: