While I was upstairs pillaging and plundering for parts, I found these two interesting pieces sitting next to each. I knew I had to snap some photos and throw them up here!

These are two different types of C.D.I.s, or Capacitive Discharge Ignitions. Here's an excerpt from the Wikipedia article pertaining to CDIs: "It (The CDI) was originally developed to overcome the long charging times associated with high inductance coils used in inductive discharge ignition (IDI) systems, making the ignition system more suitable for high engine speeds (for small engines, racing engines and rotary engines). The capacitive-discharge ignition uses capacitor discharge current output to fire the spark plugs."

What we have here is an ULTRA CDI and a GESCO CDI. As you can see from the pictures, they're both in pretty decent condition with minor oxidation and wear. The Gesco unit has a cool little wiring diagram on the side of it for how to wire it up which could prove very handy. They are available separately or as a pair.

Here's the pricing rundown:

Price for ULTRA CDI: 5,000 yen
Price for GESCO CDI: 5,000 yen
Shipping to USA and AU for one: 4,000 yen
Shipping to USA and AU for both: 6,100 yen
Shipping to UK and IE for one: 4,600 yen
Shipping to UK and IE for both: 7,000 yen

I've only listed four countries for reference on shipping costs. If you live in a different country, reply to this post, shoot me a PM or send an email to ccnagoyaeng at gmail dot com and I'll check on shipping to your country. The prices are all listed in yen, and as the exchange rate varies daily, please Google "9,000 yen to 'Your currency here'" to get an idea of the cost in your currency.

PMs and replies are perfectly alright, but you can also contact me via e-mail at ccnagoyaeng at gmail dot com. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Thank you guys for looking!




Thank you guys for looking!