I got nothin...

Formerly owned JNC's include:

1980 Honda Civic 1300DX 3-door hatchback, silver/maroon, 1.3L/5-speed
1980.5 Datsun 210 Deluxe wagon, white/blue, 1.5L/automatic
1982 Datsun 210 Deluxe wagon, yellow/tan, 1.5L/5-speed
1986 Honda Civic DX 4-door sedan, white/blue, 1.5L/5-speed
1989 Toyota Tercel Standard 2-door sedan, silver/black, 1.5L/automatic
1989 Toyota Tercel Standard 2-door sedan, maroon/black, 1.5L/automatic
1990 Nissan Sentra XE 2-door sedan, black/gray, 1.6L/5-speed

Sure the Tercels and Sentra aren't classics yet but 1) I don't care. and 2) they are the same as 87-88 models and 3) they will be in a few months or a year anyway.

Technically Honorable Mention:

1988 Plymouth Colt Vista FWD wagon, maroon/maroon, 2.0L/5-speed

The few other foreign cars I've ever owned were captive import (1995 Metro by Suzuki, 1995 Aspire by Kia), Korean (1997 Hyundai Accent), Swedish (1986 Volvo 740), or German (1985 VW Scirocco). The only other small cars I've owned were things like several Ford Tempos, an Escort, a Mercury Lynx (which might as well be another Escort), a Cavalier, '85 Charger, '87 Turismo, and a Dodge Shadow I got for $100 on eBay that lost its hood within 5 minutes of trying to drive it home.

These aren't easy to find cars anymore. I'd love to have another 210. Both of mine were wagons, and my parents had a 1982 SL wagon with automatic, air, and power steering. I'd love to have another Tercel but this time I'd insist on a manual and a hatchback. I'd even be fine with another Sentra and I'd probably want the 89 model to avoid those door mounted seat belts. I will absolutely own more Colt Vistas and that's plural for a reason (I run coltvista.com and have a message board for them, plus it is a very unique and practical car).

I also still have cars on my bucket list like a root beer brown 77-79 Corolla liftback, yellow 80-83 Corolla hardtop coupe and/or liftback, 88-89 Civic DX sedan in silver, 90-91 Accord LX 5-speed sedan in gray, and 87-88 Maxima SE 5-speed sedan in black. Other older models strike my fancy (but aren't written down) like late 60s Coronas, early 70s Datsun 610/710, the front drive Nissan Pulsar (not NX) and Datsun 310 hatchbacks, and I've also always liked the 70s Dodge/Plymouth products from Mitsubishi, be them Colts, Arrows, Challengers, Sapporos, or whatever. I won't say no to an 80's Accord hatchback or even the 88-89 2-door coupes. I'd even consider a first gen Camry especially if it's a hatchback or a turbodiesel. Turbodiesel 626s, Maximas and Cressidas would be nice to find as well.

What would I give a kidney for? A 1965 Chevrolet Bel Air 3-seat wagon with a 4.8L truck LS V8 and a 3-speed manual on the column with a B-W overdrive rod under the dash. Sorry it isn't Japanese, but the top of the list is far from what I could ever afford to do. I won't be staring down the six foot hood of one of those for a lot of years.