I know this issue has been covered 1,000,000 times before on every car realted forum known to man but thought I would ask for myself.

Which is the best spray gun for spraying acrylic base and clear? I have been looking for a gun with a 1.8mm fluid nozzle and have checked out online, guns from Devilbiss FinishLine 4, Iwata HZ3 HTE2 ect.

Currently I have a star S-770 (2.0mm) with the side mounted cup for spraying in tricky spots like under the car, this gun has given me some really good results but the cup is only 450ml (not big enough to spray a whole car) and I'm sure better results are to be had with a better gun.

Please bare in mind that my budget is around $200, I know this isn't much but I can't justify spending $500 on something I'm only going to use every now and then.

I'm going to be respraying my 81 626 in Stardust Blue metallic.

Any advice you guys can give me will be greatly appreciated.