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Thread: Datsun Diesel King Cab truck pricing?

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    Datsun Diesel King Cab truck pricing?

    Am assuming "Bluebook" used truck values no longer apply to Datsun King Cab diesel trucks. Have they moved into "collector" status? I only seem to find parts for sale on Craigslist? Is this any indicator of rarity or are they just a bad idea by Datsun that no one is interested in ? It's been rare for me to see one on the road.

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    Re: Datsun Diesel King Cab truck pricing?

    They are terrible. You don't want it, I'll take it off your hands and do you a favor. :wink:

    Honestly though, it seems anything with a diesel has increased in value the past few years... consider it a hipster tax- hipsters who don't know dick about cars want old diesels to run on vegetable oil. It's the cool thing to do, apparently.

    Is this a 620 or a newer truck?

    Value is really going to be on a sale-by-sale basis, I don't think enough of them change hands frequently enough to base a real value on. Bluebook is complete BS for absolutely anything more than a handful of years old anyhow, regardless of collectable status or not. A car that old has far too many variables to be taken into play regarding its value.

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