Hey guys got a bitchin drive in event going on Saturday May 25 at 6pm. Its on fb, but i wanted to make sure i invited yall myself. heres the scoop:

So what are we doing? Meet before the showing, chill and check out the bitchin autos. The Tiki peoples (MISSION TIKI theater) will let us in before the rest of the public (If we do pull off enough attendance, we will actually be able to get the whole screen parking to ourselves!) Enjoy the movie in 3D! well not with glasses n stuff, but by being surrounded by cars that either rival or surpass those on the big screen!

NOTE: you're vehicle doesn't need to have a radio, some of the people joining in are taking their own portable radios. If you have a portable radio, feel free to bring it!

Stuff in the works:
Food Trucks

Time: 6pm show car staging, 8:30pm Fast and the Furious 6 movie starts
Admission: $7 movie ticket per person, event if your showing your car! no stupid car registration fees

MISSION TIKI 10798 Ramona Ave Montclair, CA 91763
Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1756702 ... 6/?fref=ts
Event email: driveinevent@gmail.com

heres a random video of my Z