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Thread: Free 1985 Supra; story & build

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    Free 1985 Supra; story & build

    So last September I was just goofing around online like always, and my BF instant messages me (he was downstairs, lol) telling me his friend found a link to a free Supra. The link was to; here ... opic=12175

    So yeah, after playing phone tag with the owner for a few days, finally got in touch with his mom, who owns the driveway the car sat in and who got the car's title signed and everything so I could come pick it up.

    Taking the stupid, lipless 15x6 Eagle wheels off

    New home, broken airdam due to being too low to get on the dolly

    Cleaned up fairly nice, lots of dings, dents and scratches though...

    Towards the end of last year, car started running funny. Smoking blue a lot, intermittently hesitating, sputtering, so I figured the 185,000 mile engine was on it's way out. Also the auto tranny was slipping badly, even after I changed the filter and put new fluid in.

    I found a 6MGE block on craigslist for $50 and decided to do an engine build for the car AND do a 5 speed swap.

    BF gave me his spare 6M intake manifold (no EGR and is split behind the cold start injector, unlike the 5M)

    Parts table slowly got bigger, the 6M block I got had a wasted crank and set of rods so I was able to get a good 6M crank from my bf and a set of free 7MGE rods from a pal on

    Some shiney stuff came back from the machine shop... 5MGE head from a 1982, the 7M rods all cleaned and balanced, new .030" over pistons and resurfaced flywheel

    Polished & balanced 6M crankshaft (out of an early 7MGTE)

    Car's last drive with the tired 5M was to go pick up her new heart from the machine shop

    Snap ring fun!

    Mains buttoned down.

    Cylinders lubed and ready to go

    First piston in.

    Plastigauging monotony.

    Decided the black on the block they used at the machine shop was fail, so I painted the engine grey (easy to spot leaks)

    I painted the cylinder head also.

    So about this time, the 5MGE came out of my car.

    (That's the boyfriends car on the side of mine)

    Nice in garage view. The boyfriend's car on the right, his clean, brand new 5MGE is in the corner all the way to the right. My car on the left, my 5M hanging in the air and my 6M on the engine stand.

    Started tearing into my 5M for parts, needed the cam towers for my 6M

    Cam towers off, ready to get cleaned and painted

    Towers installed

    Starting to look like an engine now

    Painted up some new valve covers, as I gave my other ones to a RabidChimp customer's 6M

    Installed fuel rail, injectors, wiring harness, intake...

    Engine ready to go in after waiting for the TRUST header to get done being ceramic coated black.

    Fuel filter relocated.

    Power steering lines looped.

    Happy Supra!

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    So far, exterior mods done:
    Custom clear turn signals
    JDM rear vents modified w/ lights
    Tinted tail lights (done recently, not in all pics)
    Tinted/blacked out nose badge and B-pillar badges
    3.0 Twin Cam badge from MZ12 Soarer (done recently)
    Ghetto bumper repair (cable ties) & paint

    Oh, and about a month back I dumped all the HVAC crap out of my car. 30lbs of caca went bye bye.

    Car now has no power steering, no air conditioning ANYTHING (no lines, evaporator, compressor, etc), no heater valve, no heater core, no HVAC vents, no windshield washer fluid tank, no cruise control, no EGR

    Soon to remove the rear windshield wiper (no worky)

    A lighter car is a faster car, right?

    Oh, got the car dyno'd too, but bc I am a retard (smart enough to build the engine tho) I did not dyno at WOT.

    Numbers were 155whp and 175ft/lbs... I will redyno again soon, the RIGHT way, LOL

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    sickest supra build project on this site that ive seen yet....
    very nice supra. i love how its free... i think that part makes it all that much better. great engine work. if only my project could move that fast.
    keep up update please!

    great work! :tu: :mrgreen: :tu:

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    Whoa, FREE :shock:

    Great build thread, and love great photography! :tu:

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    Excellent photo. :tu: :mrgreen:

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    UK....The land of the tin worm.
    Love your Supra build.....especially the approach to throwing uneccessary things away! :lol:

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    Thanks all!

    So far I am into the car $1,572 with all the parts I can remember

    1985 Toyota Supra $0
    6M block $50
    6M crankshaft $0
    6M manifold $0
    crank bolt $12
    crank keys $6
    crank pulley $40
    7M con rods $0
    gasket set $51
    front main seal $18
    pistons $90
    piston rings $30
    machine work $776
    5 speed tranny $0
    clutch & slave master cylinders $30
    fuel filter $5
    shifter bushing $6
    NGK plug wires $40
    Spark plugs $12
    Walbro fuel pump $100
    ceramic paint $15
    lower radiator hose $12
    alternator belt $6
    waterpump $25
    Magnaflow muffler $100
    HKS midpipe $0
    RabidChimp CAI $0 (for being mockup car)
    3.0 Twin Cam badge $20]
    clear turn signals $0
    Nightshades tint $10
    Enkei mesh wheels $50 (50 left to be paid)
    235cc injectors $0 (not installed yet)
    interior panels, seat, steering wheel, instrument cluster $68 (not installed yet)

    Should be getting my Enkei wheels this week sometime, I can't wait!

    Also can't wait to find out how much my car weighs, I keep forgetting to do it.

    With any luck, I'll have the fastest n/a mk2 for the cheapest amount of money

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    Yes, it's a state.
    Wow supra goddess - you truly are a goddess! Excellent pictorial write up.
    I'm so glad you saved another Supra from its deathbed. Bringing it back to
    life on a relatively cheap budget (and your excellent mechanical skills) deserves
    much praise. Any other plans besides those Enkeis?

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    Interior is eventually going to come out so I can dye it black. I need a new dashboard, it's all cracked

    Would like a decent stereo system eventually, no money for that right now though.

    I have 235cc injectors that are waiting to go in after I dyno one more time. Eventually I will probably take the cylinder head back off and get 1mm oversized valves stuffed in and some bumpier cams, but that won't be for awhile.

    Other than that, I am quiet happy with the car right now

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    Clean swap, the motor looks good! I would love to do the same swap trans and all into my cressy :tu:

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