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Thread: 78 TE31 Sedan project

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    78 TE31 Sedan project

    This is my 78 TE31 Sedan that i picked up over a year ago from a friend at work. At first i wasnt really thrilled about getting it, because my eyes were set on getting an AE86. But i soon came to realize that this little sedan could be a screamer and a track hound.

    The car came originally with an auto 2TC engine in it, and i began to fab up a rear trans mount for the 5spd manual that will be going into it. Later after i got the engine rested, i began to think on how i would get a clutch pedal installed in this beast. I fabbed up a bracket for the pedal punched the hole out for the master cylinder and began to build my custom header back exhaust. Was so excited to get the car up and running i just had to drive it down the road, but i was not satisfied with how she ran and other little things that were happening. So the project was on hold, especially since i was in the middle of buying a house lol.
    Since then some of my co-workers talked about putting a set of Motorycle carbs to the side of the little 1600. So i began the search of parts and gathering information on doing this little swap. While i was waiting for parts i began to fab up a intake manifold to support the set of 1993 Honda CBR900 carbs that were going to be going on it.

    After doing some adjustments and putting in a dynojet jetting kit into them, runs amazing and am very pleased with it.

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    Re: 78 TE31 Sedan project

    Nice car. how do you like the 2t with quad carbs compared to a weber? They look sweet!

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    Re: 78 TE31 Sedan project

    I like them a lot more, I previously had on a EMPI 32/36 AKA Weber knock off. I was getting around 15mpg was runnin way rich, and know i am getting around 25mpg. They run a little different than normal carbs the rpms coming down tend to hang on a bit instead of rpms just dropping. My friend at work put on a set of older CBR1000 onto his 2L datsun roadster and is pleased with is, instead of his side drafted SU carbs.

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