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Thread: Going to LA and San Francisco this week... where do I go? ha

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    Going to LA and San Francisco this week... where do I go? ha

    I'm flying into LA and spending 3 days in Anaheim (didn't have a choice in location) starting tomorrow, and then 4 days in San Francisco. Trying to see if there's any really cool things I should be checking out, especially car related, stuff off the beaten path, shops that might have neat Japanese stuff (I'm always looking for more model kits and toy cars, I can't help it), etc. I wish I was coming in to buy a car, but that's not really happening, haha.

    I'm really open to any suggestions. I'm hoping to visit the Toyota Museum in Torrance on Monday, I got the go-ahead from them to visit, Honda's museum refused to let me in though, haha. I've been to the Petersen twice in the past, and while it's fantastic, unless there's something really awesome going on I'd rather go see things and places I haven't been.

    I was hoping to visit Super Autobacs again, but I guess they're long gone now. Is anyone similar still around?

    Are there any neat car shows on Sunday anywhere near Torrance?

    Is there anything cool close to Anaheim, or is it just Disneyland and sadness?

    Figured I'd ask here, I don't know where else to ask about California things, haha. Thanks!

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    Re: Going to LA and San Francisco this week... where do I go

    Well, there's the Long Beach Grand Prix going on. Not really JNC but... it is Toyota sponsored. lol

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    Re: Going to LA and San Francisco this week... where do I go

    There's a small model shop in Japantown center in San Fran that has some good JDM models. And the bookstore upstairs caries all the Japanese vintage car magazines.

    The center is located at Geary and Fillmore.

    sunday April 28 the California Mille has its annual kick off car show prior to the rally. 11-6pm in front if the fairmont in nob hill. There's a toyopet that usually runs, but everything else is pre 58 European.

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