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Thread: What is a reasonable offer on a 280Z?

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    What is a reasonable offer on a 280Z?

    Over the weekend I found a mango orange Z car at the front of a towing facility garage. Saturday night I had a little time and I stopped to take a detailed look. Even in the dark and far off, I could tell it was at least a late 260Z or 280Z because of the battering ram bumpers and later tail lamp design. I went back to it again the next day to see it in daylight. It is a 280Z with the beige interior, with a sunroof, the Nissan optional alloy wheels finished in gold and while it is indeed a manual trans, I suspect it to be a 4 speed, due to the lack of the 5 speed emblem and 'R' being right and down.

    It looks fairly decent, there was no obvious rust, no body damage, even the mango paint is very presentable. The only things that I could observe is that it hasn't been tagged since '94, the passenger side mirror was knocked off and now resides in the hatch, there is a dashmat on the dash (probably cracked), the passenger door interior trim is missing, the rear tires are flat and it has what appears an aftermarket sunroof..... overall though, I'm of the opinion that this car is too nice for the crusher and it should be saved. Today I was fortunate to meet the mechanic at the facility, while nice and taking time to answer my inquires, he knew nothing about the cars history, though he did say it wasn't for sale- YET. He said it would be, but he wants to check it out since he thinks 'it might run'. he said to keep in touch and gave me a guestimate of $1500.

    I have photos of it on instagram (4runnerken83) or if anybody knows how to post instagram photos on here, I will. What do you guys think based on my observations? What would be a reasonable offer? My plans would be to fix it up, for sure ditch the awful US spec bumpers and go with 240Z bumpers, JDM Fairlady Z badges, fender mirrors, fender flares and duck tail spoiler, maybe some Wantanabe wheels (or something similar?) and keep it clean and tasteful. Initially I did want to go the Wangan Midnight 'Akuma No Zeto' route and I still do, but the sunroof kinda ruins that, but it wouldn't be unwelcome either and I think this one is too nice.... but who knows.

    Oh also, what should I look out for or what might give me headaches later on? I didn't expect finding this, but I jst want to save this one from being junked or parted out. Also to let you guys know, this car is in San Diego, in the North County region, it's in San Marcos on Twin Oaks road north.... I wouldn't object to somebody else here who would want it either and do it justice. IM me for more exact diretions if interested.

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    Re: What is a reasonable offer on a 280Z?

    That aftermarket sunroof is going to haunt you.

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