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Thread: my 1987 celica convertible

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    my 1987 celica convertible

    ]Hi I have been lurking the site for awhile and decided im going to post my jnc for you guys to check out.
    I'm from myrtle beach south Carolina and my car is a 1987 toyota celica convertible asc modified
    3sfe 5 speed
    The car has 163xxx miles an counting it is a daily for now looking for New daily tho maybe a corolla wagon, anyways

    I have been slowly collecting rare parts for the car as money allows.
    Bought some super cheap rims an tires from a friend by they are not my style( or the cars)
    My plans for it is to put a 3sge in it and restore it. I'm on same username.
    Now for picture;

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    Re: my 1987 celica convertible


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