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Thread: My Mid life crisis car is a 74 celica

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    My Mid life crisis car is a 74 celica

    Well what can I say , damn celica sucked me back in at 47 years old.
    Back when I was hitting age 16 in Ventura California all I could think about was driving a cool car. I tried a 69 Camaro but mom said, ''No You'll kill yourself ''. So I picked up a used Celica not knowing I was going to race the hell out of it. I started tricking it out and having fun then came along the 18rg motor. I picked one up for like $400.00 back then, popped it in and I was happier then a pig in shit! Didn't take long for me to wreck that one then I picked up a 77 Celica and put 18rg in that one. The wife and kids came along so no time for toys so I sold it. That was maybe 1989. Three years ago I was hanging with my buddys in the neighborhood which are gearheads. My buddy Robby at the time was building a 240Z and said I should get another celica. That night all I could think about was celicas and also thinking this is going to be bad. Within two weeks my other buddy Jimmy found one, A 74 which was perfect because I didn't want to worry about smog. It took me about 6 months to get my hands on the car because the owner did not want to sell the car. Its funny I met the owner several times and realized we actually new each other. Here I am standing face to face with this guy and crap we both got old and fat and didn't recognize each other. We both had celica's back in the day and would race each other around town. Man! small world. Anyway when this happened we laughed and he sold me the car. The Celica was not running and needed help but was a complete car. Here is a link to photos of my build. I am currently doing a 20r swap in it and in need of the correct parts to complete the job. ... &k=b8MMXjn

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    Re: My Mid life crisis car is a 74 celica

    thats great man!

    and a good looking candidate and story!

    good luck

    from another Celica(77) guy

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    Re: My Mid life crisis car is a 74 celica

    Enjoy your stay!

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