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Thread: An hello from 3 Italian Sa22C

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    An hello from 3 Italian Sa22C

    Hi Everyone!
    I'm an owner of 3 Rx-7 First gen from Italy
    - A USA 1980 m.y.
    - A Italian 1980 m.y. with 13B swap
    - A Euro 1981 m.y.

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    You could see here!
    If you read italian and want to see my other car, check this!

    Rotary hello to everyone!

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    Welcome aboard fellow Mazda nut! Awesome selection of Rx-7's there, very nice. Love the jet black one in the middle.

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    The Black is a 1980 m.y. Italian, with 13B (bought new from a boat shop :shock: ) holley 650, KYB white ammo and others few things.
    The restyling model is 100% original, and the USA model in first place had just a new exaust and a noknow carb
    Here: ... a-al-banco
    the dyno test for the black. The wrooom! in the title video is the (awesome for me:mrgreen: ) sound of the USA model with exaust. :tu:

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    Welcome to JNC!

    Were these common in Italy? Sold new or imported?

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    The Mazda's, like most Japanese car, before the 1995/2000, were imported trow a parallel (big) importer, because Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi haven't a local office.
    In Italy was Sidauto (with base in Turin) to import the Mazda and Saab: the first gen were about 75 (with few, less than 3 restyling), FC I don't know, III generation about 90.
    For my three car:
    - the USA model came from UK: I bought it in Essex in 11/2007, was of an English man that work in USA and take it with him when came back home
    - the Black model is Italian (but not sure);
    - the restyling seems to be Italian, but not so sure. Otherwise, I think it's the only in Italy now.
    Sometimes some first gen appear in Autoscout or similar, all 79/80 m.y. I know that there's also some Rx-2, but in the past 3/4year I saw just 2of this and a 818

    Ps: sorry for my terrible English ops:

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    Welcome to JNC. Nice collection.

    Great to have another rotary enthusiast here.

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    I didn't know they were so rare. That's incredible. Thanks for the info!

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    Yes, Italy and also some other Euro country were very limited in the import ( I think Greece also)

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