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Thread: 70 toyota corona markII

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    70 toyota corona markII

    so i found this corona for dirt cheap. was going to buy it but when i checked the under carriage. it had a lot of rust and the fram/jack support has holes and is eatin thorough. the drive shaft and suspension also has a lot of rust built up on them. i was surprised the guy drove the car to where we was meeting which was about 15-20min from him. anyways, the good thing about the car is the body is still in decent condition and the floorboard does not seem to have any holes even when i looked under the car. it still starts up and is drivable. all the interior seems to still be there but just worn. does anyone know whats the cost itll be to fix the undercarriage. i know its pain and will be pretty expensive but i just cant seem to get this car out of my head. should hop on this or not. if i do then the car will be in restoration for a lone time since im low on money right now.
    well, heres some pics of the car.

    these arnt pictures of the under carriage but what the under carriage looks like. i got these off the internet just to show how bad it looks like

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    Re: 70 toyota corona markII

    Any update on this? Nice find , I have the same one that I'm trying to get to start, but mine is the 2000 with the 18RC. These cars are comfy and fun to drive once you get them on the road.

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    Re: 70 toyota corona markII

    I used to have one. missed that car.

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    Re: 70 toyota corona markII

    IN CASE you ever part it out I'd love to get the interior off your hands

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