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Thread: AW11 Mr2 Supercharged question.

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    AW11 Mr2 Supercharged question.

    I have a friend who wants to buy a MR2 of this type and there is a car he's found that is selling for $7k. Body looks good, mechanically sound, mostly stock, it is a desert car so the paint is faded and interior is kind of not so hot. However this seems like an outrageous price to me because I don't think i've ever seen one for over $5k in good condition. Am I wrong? I just want to steer him in the right direction.

    Owner says the car has ground control coilovers, newish bushings, and sway bars but the engine is stock. I suspect he autocrosses it with these mods. Has stock wheels and all season tires so he probably had an alternate set of wheels he sold separate.


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    Re: AW11 Mr2 Supercharged question.

    Hard to tell value of car with no pics. From your description i would say 7k is to much. I bought my N/A aw11 for 1800 and the supercharged version for 2800. I had to drop 400 on repair on the supercharged version, but car run better then before. Tell him to keep looking, with 7k he can buy better condition car out of state and get it shipped for less.

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    Re: AW11 Mr2 Supercharged question.

    ive never seen a North American or JDM supercharged AW11 go for more than 5 grand here, unless its got extremely low mileage 7k is high

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    Re: AW11 Mr2 Supercharged question.

    Post a link to the ad or post pictures. But from that description, 7K is WAY too high. I have seen 20V BT AW11s sell in my state for less than 4.

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    Re: AW11 Mr2 Supercharged question.

    Here in New Zealand $7k would buy you either a near mint AW11 SC or one that's had extensive modification. I paid $4k for my hardtop manual SC, which was 95% rust free, is fully standard mechanically, and the bodywork and interior are in average condition.

    There are a couple of restored AW11s on trademe for around $7500, a few months back they were both around $9000 but no one was biting. Hard to tell if anyone's biting now.

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