Got my coilovers installed. Wish i would have brought my GOpro with me to record how its done.

But big huge thanks to MadFaber. He built them for me. The car gets suuuuper low. If anyone needs coilovers built. Sleeve style. And you live in washington i highly recommend hitting him up on here. Super clean welds and good work.

Pics here soon after i get my lowering blocks and short shocks for the rear.



1978 Toyota Corolla Te-31
Ground Control Build your own coilover kit. ... 37-corolla
300lb spring. Eibachs
mk2 mr2 rear shocks.
-Kit came with everything to do it. It was amazing.

Its gets low enough to where i cant get a low pro jack out from under the tow hook. And if you have the stock widow maker it holds the car up and wont let it down.