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Thread: 2TG question

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    Looking to build a 2200cc 2TG. I read here that a 4Y crank can be used with "some modification". Does anybody know more about this? What modifiactions are necessary?

    Also there is a suggestion that a 2TG head can be bolted onto a 4Y engine.This is the only place I've read that and the link offered doesn't provide any information. Does anybody have 1st hand knowledge of this mod?

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    Started a new thread for you. Might get more answers that way. :wink:

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    try a lot of guy there have built 2tg's. If you have the 2tg head I would just go for a 2t/3t block combo. 2tg with a 3t block.

    Using a4y crank state there's gonna be bit of modification. As to what needs to be modified i don't know. I would assume there will be some grinding in the internals of the block to fit the 4y crank just like the what they do in 18rg with 22r crank.

    check this link too: ... 20Main.htm

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    Thanks guys for your replies. That 3TC link is really helpful. Cheers. Bruce.

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