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Thread: My JNC movie appearance!

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    My JNC movie appearance!

    Just wanted to let everyone know to keep a lookout when Anchorman 2 comes out. I recently responded to a casting call for pre-1980 period correct vehicles and was selected. I was the only person sporting a piece of J-tin there (of course). There are a couple of scenes where you may see my car putt-putting in the background. No spoilers, but pay attention to outside cafe windows. My car is also proudly sporting a JNC Inkan sticker during the shoots on my rear window! I was so pumped that they didn't make me remove it! I hope we all get to see it on the big screen! Here is the car:

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    Re: My JNC movie appearance!

    Congrats! I can't wait to check it out!

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    Re: My JNC movie appearance!

    Definitely VERY cool! :tu: Will be on the lookout for the JNC inkan on the big screen

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    Re: My JNC movie appearance!

    Just saw this.

    I never saw your car. You must have been in a different scene. My car was on set for 8 days during filming of the movie. I never did see yours in the final cut, but did see mine about 3 or 4 times.

    It was fun, though, yes?

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