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Thread: WHO makes this Rim???

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    WHO makes this Rim???

    Any help would be appreciated,
    as far as who made these, the style name, etc...

    and if anyone has a set, please let me know the specifics,
    looking for a set for my 1980 Supra


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    Re: WHO makes this Rim???

    That's crazy.. I have a set for sale in the wheels section there called kelsetar 5.. and they are getting hard to find.. the ones I have are 14x7 4x114.3 you can see them in the wheels swap meet section under kelstar 5 in the Fla panhandle


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    Re: WHO makes this Rim???

    PM sent (might have sent 2)
    trouble seeing the "sent" email

    hit me up

    I have a nearly new set of 4 Konig Graphite 4x100
    view on craigslist


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    Re: WHO makes this Rim???

    Replyed from my email

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    Re: WHO makes this Rim???

    Looks like either a later 70s or early 80s Gotti or ET wheel...

    Although, I tend to go with it being an ET wheel. :wink:

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    Re: WHO makes this Rim???

    thanks I BOUGHT the rims from Casey!
    they are Kelstar 5's


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