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Thread: 1979 MA46 Supra

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    1979 MA46 Supra


    ive got a 1979 Supra, got it one owner a couple years ago. he passed and the relative he left it to didnt want it. never winter driven, saw rain 17 times in all the years, and all the paperwork so i was ecstatic to get it. January of 79 and one of the first made :mrgreen: attachment quota thing is giving me problems uploading pics so i can link them

    lost spark at 4000rpm on a twisty road last June and the engine quit, fun. thought the igniter crapped out being original, but still no spark after. this was fun to wire up on a 79, still trying to figure out whats up with the no spark. thinking maybe ECU

    DD is a 88 KingCab since ive driven the Supra like 500km since i bought it lol. saved this one from going to the junkyard, put a bit of work into it and its gotten me through a couple feet of water, blizzards, you name it

    im a mechanic for a living as well, so i'll try to answer anyones questions the best i can. i live for 60's-90's Japanese cars lol

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    Re: 1979 MA46 Supra

    welcome to JNC!!!!!

    :tu: :tu: :tu: :tu: :tu: :tu: :tu: :tu:

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    Re: 1979 MA46 Supra


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    Re: 1979 MA46 Supra

    Lovely Supra...I've got an '86 MKII myself.


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