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Thread: RT40 Corona Questions

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    RT40 Corona Questions

    Hey guys,

    I have a few easy questions about RT40 Coronas, specifically 1968.

    1. Will any 13 or 14 inch 4x114.3 wheel fit over the front drum brakes ok?

    2. I searched and found that the stud/lug thread pitch is 12x1.5, same as a Corolla. Is this correct?

    3. I don't need to worry about left hand thread on one side or anything do I?


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    Re: RT40 Corona Questions

    Most came stock with 13" steelies Clearing the drums with an aftermarket wheel shouldnt be an issue.

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    Re: RT40 Corona Questions

    with a little guard massaging and rolling you can get 16x7 on there ive had 14x8s on the back of one both scrubbed a little

    and on the one im doing ATM i will put 15x9 and 15x11 (i would go 14s but my future brake probably wont let me)

    if you wish to ditch the drums RT81 disks bolt straight on using the whole spindle assembly or you can modify early celica TA22 disks easily enough

    also many early celica/corona/hilux/hiace parts are a direct replacement or bolt on upgrade

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