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Thread: 73 TE27 with a 3t block?

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    73 TE27 with a 3t block?

    Hello all,

    I was doing some degreasing today in my engine bay. When I bought the car, seller said it had a 2tc in it, but he was in the process of building up a 3tc. I cleaned off the face with the block info on it, and it very clearly stated 3t.

    This is slightly confusing/exciting for me because a) I'm not too sure on the historical interface between these two engines, and b) because I'd imagine a 3t block also includes a 3t bottom end? Which would hypothetically give me a 1.8 over a 1.6.

    My question to you fellow nerds is this: am I lucky or dumb?

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    Re: 73 TE27 with a 3t block?

    It's a direct bolt in. Since it's a 73, you might have the 3t block with the o.g. 2t head. I think it boosts the compression ratio. More people can clarify much better than myself; I just noticed no body answered your question.

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    Re: 73 TE27 with a 3t block?

    I would imagine you may be lucky since there would be no need to put a 2t crank in a 3t block. And info on the head? Have emissions stuff, like tubes under the exhaust manifold?

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