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Thread: Hello from the Frozen Tundra.

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    Hello from the Frozen Tundra.

    Hello from Wisconsin! Been away from JNC for a while (since before the website changed, actually) and thought I'd come back around. When this place was just born, I did in fact have an old Nissan and an old Datsun wagon. Both of which have since been sent on to new homes, unfortunately

    Since I'm thinking of finding another 1980s Nissan this summer, I figured this was as good a place to lurk around as any I'm thinking an S12 or perhaps an N13 Pulsar to put a Sportbak on.

    As for my current vehicles I've got one that is Japanese but not very nostalgic and one that is very nostalgic but not terribly Japanese.

    So, it's good to be back! Now I can oogle pics of old Japanese tin all day and have the almost grotesquely optimistic idea that something old, clean, and Japanese will pop up for sale in the greater WI/IL/MI area, lol.

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    Re: Hello from the Frozen Tundra.


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