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    East Coast Represent


    I'm getting my toes wet into the world of older Japanese Cars. Trying to do my homework and find a good starter project. I'm thinking a late 70s early 80s corolla or a 70s datsun. Having strong loyalties to Toyota and corolla's in particular I appreciate their bombproof engineering and construction. I haven't had a single corolla put out less that 200k.

    Ultimately though I want something a little inspiring to drive with some character. I have always owned wagons and wouldn't mind getting another but I'm kind of interested in a sedan. A daily driver that may have questionable paint but solid bones and a good engine.

    I'm always open to new ideas and suggestions.

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    Re: East Coast Represent


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    Re: East Coast Represent

    Welcome (I'm new as well).

    Hear you about Toyota's-my first '84 celica supra had 240k mi on the original engine when I sold it, still running strong while the car was falling apart around it.

    Obviously I'm partial to the mkii supra, but if I was to recommend a good starter platform I'd probably say to go for something a little older and simpler than my car.

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