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Thread: Intro and Info Request all in one topic!

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    Intro and Info Request all in one topic!

    Hi all,

    Been lurking here for a bit and registered recently. I am returning home to these cars after an almost 30 year hiatus. There is a lot I remember, and a lot I have forgotten. It is good to see communities like this out here to support and share the cult enthusiasm of these little cars.

    I'm known as Mars to all my friends and while I may be lacking specific knowledge on certain details about these cars at the present time until I remember and come back up to speed, but I have over 30 years of general mechanic and restoration experience so I hope I can contribute and bring that to the team.

    Now, I need assistance from my fellow members. I have a 79 te51 project - an auto to manual conversion. I don't have many pics or parts to compare so I have to rely on Inet research at this moment.

    I have a t50 from a 3tc, along with the driveshaft (22 spline) that as best as I can tell will work with no issues. The overall length seems to be the same. This will be mated to the S292 rear.

    What I do not know is what pedal boxes are compatible. It doesnt appear that I can use a 3tc, at least not without some mods, so what other models can I borrow a pedal box from?

    thanks in advance!

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    Re: Intro and Info Request all in one topic!

    In short, I cannot answer your question with certainty. But you can be almost certain that nothing outside your Corolla model range will be compatible.

    I would be very confident that any TE5x pedal box will fit, and quite possibly any TE3x pedal box. Experience with other Corolla models makes me very confident in saying that nothing else will be close. Avoid KE5x models as K engined models have radically different pedal boxes.

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    Re: Intro and Info Request all in one topic!

    I know this is an old thread but I noticed you're from Pennsylvania, what part might I ask?

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