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Thread: Short Stroke help.

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    Short Stroke help.

    Hey everyone.

    Looking to use some 85 MR2 Shocks to insert into my te31 strut tube.

    Ive read some forums but people have made it rather confusing. If anyone on here knows of the right way to do so. Please throw in your .02 It looks like the guy on a thread ive been reading said the REAR MR2 shocks for the front which does not make much sense. I ordered the front MR2s. I guess in a few days when everything gets here ill have to tear apart one corner of the suspension and see how much shorter the MR2 Fronts are than the stock te31.

    Hope i have not made this a fluster cluck. Stuff gets confusing when you need to build your own suspension pretty much with not much info.


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    Re: Short Stroke help.

    I have hear of the conversion and I think i will be doing this in the future. The rear struts would make since to me considering the weight of the MR3 is the rear based on its engine placement (not 100% sure if rears or fronts are supposed to be used). As for the modifying, You just need to measure up the old and new strut and take the difference out of the strut tube. You cut the tube in the middle (40mm?) so you can retain the threaded part on the top and all the needed parts on the bottom. Then you weld together and instal your shorter stroke MR2 strut absorber and weld on a perch for your coil spring. Assemble and BAM! you made yourself some coilovers.
    I am not 100% on any of this, so if anyone has more to add or correct, by all means.

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    Re: Short Stroke help.

    The problem is that you are going about it the wrong way. You need to decide what front strut tubes you are going to use and measure the internal diameter. Then decide what strut insert body length you need, and how much stroke you require.

    Then it is a matter of scouring the various lists on the internet, which may or may not be correct. This will give you options.

    Whether the inserts you then use are front or rear is generally pretty irrelevant. If you get say a KYB AGX insert (or similiar) you have adjustability to optimise valving.

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    Re: Short Stroke help.

    Let me clear this up. I have done this set up. You use the REAR strut inserts from a 2nd gen mr2 (mr2 have struts front and rear the corolla only has fronts) dont worry about diameters they fit just fine and they are alot shorter this means you need to cut your strut tube and remove some material to make it shorter otherwise you just have a gap between the top of your strut and the top of your strut tube. In the rear of the corrola use 3rd gen(mid 90s) rear camero shocks. Theses are a little shorter then stock corolla. If you go to they have the lengths of most of there shocks and struts listed so it is easy to compare. Also you can get universal camber plates for like 100 on ebay now. I have used them a few times and they work great.

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