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Thread: Help carbs back firing

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    Help carbs back firing

    Hi there is done had a bit of a search but can't find anything that helps me out. I recently purchased a toyota 4k and dropped it in my starlet. I'm having a problem. The car starts and idles fine but if I just step on the gas it's just backfires out the carby and exhaust. I can rev it up if I slowly take the revs up, but as soon as I try rev it up quickly it dies. I've checked timing and that's good. Any help appreciated.


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    Re: Help carbs back firing

    check the jets on the carb. might be starving for gas. bad fuel pump maybe psi might be low. put a psi gauge on the line to see if the fuel pump is working properly. Could it be the original pump is not pushing enough for the 4k.

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    Re: Help carbs back firing

    Check ignition timing, and vacuum timing advance system.

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