So I thought I jumped on a deal to buy a kit off a local from craigslist.

After doing more research (after I impulsed buy), I realized that what I had bought was Chassis Tech. (aka AIM/airbagitdotcom)

So with more research, I realized that they are labeled as the "dollar store" or "walmart" brand of air suspensions.

All in all i bought the kit with the following:

He is selling the following:
1 dc 5000 compressor
1 3 gallon 5 port tank
1 4 port manifold
2 2600 air bags 3/8 port
4 t-fittings
4 90 degree fittings
4 straight fittings
1 check valve
1 steel braided hose
all of the wiring for the system
dual gauges- 4 bottom

These are the things he Claims I need:
1/4 inch air lines
2 2600 bags
3/8 inch air line

He sold the stuff above for $400 and claims that he bought them for 699 from chassis tech.

It only comes with 2 bags as he sold the other two. (After what I read I am not too thrilled about using their bags) What company would you guys suggest?

There are no brackets which means I need to buy some or make some.

What else do you think I need?
Was told that I will need the strut type bags in the front. But which type?

All recommandations appreciated!

Thanks for reading!!!