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Thread: T-600 Hub Caps

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    T-600 Hub Caps


    I am restoring a T-600 and posted for some help in August. I have not done much work on my truck over the last couple months but plan to start back soon.

    I am looking for hub caps if anyone has extra or knows who may? I have hub caps but I am not sure I can use them. They are rusted with much of the plating off. I think re-chroming them may be too difficult and would rather find a better set.

    Also still looking for other parts, including an oil reserve, master cylinder, accelerator cable, rear shocks, oil reserve, gas pedal, weather striping and maybe the doors. Also the wire boot (accelerator wire) part no. 0136 41 663 which is the same as for the K360. The accelerator control wire ass'y no. 0137 41 660A is also the same used on the K360.

    Thanks again for everyones help, info, referals, and photos.


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    you need to talk to Balistosis. Send him a PM.

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    NOS tail lights at yahoo auctions jp!

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