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Thread: my bosozoku inspired 1982 prelude

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    my bosozoku inspired 1982 prelude

    this is my 1982 honda prelude automatic.. with a pretty good story. vehicle was saved from a junkyard waiting to be crushed they gave it some time to try and sell the vehicle because it ran great and was in pretty good condition but would not drive. my friend was freinds with the guy that owned the junkyard and told me about it and needless to say went and looked at it and was sold as soon as i saw it. purchased it and it ran great. got it on a lift and there was a crack in the transmission and fluid was rushing out of the crack got it welded and it's been running and driving ever since.

    anyways i was raised a military brat lived in japan for 6 years and since i was little have just always loved old jtin vehicles im not sure why but always have. i'm a huge fan of what the japanese do as far as drift, vip and especially bosozoku and that is the reason for the little bit's of bosozoku i have done with the car

    had the car did a little bit of work couldnt afford it with my crappy job at the time so i sold the car to a good freind who had the funds to fix what was needed well he got a job offer had to move away and i got to buy it back

    sorry for the crappy pics all done with cell phone but you get the idea

    first day i seen it at the junkyard

    after it was sold and at my freinds house. he started doin the body work

    then he painted it white (i'm not to fond. i want to paint it back red eventually)

    this is what it looked like when i purchased it back

    then i started with all the modding.

    boso exhaust first off (dont mind him lol)

    came home one day and found a wooden post with concrete on the end and this happened to my car

    installed steering that i got in japan many many years ago added some tacky floor mats just because adn some fuzzy dice

    then the wheels went with rota aleica 15x8 +10 offset with some 175-55-15

    this was before raising the car back up so it could drive

    next thing was external oil cooler my freind had this one laying around so i tryed it out

    the other oil cooler was temp until i could finally find the fc rx7 oil cooler

    lastly installed some fender mirrors.. here's a few shots i took earlier today out of boredom

    sorry for the long drawn out thread... still searching for some peices to complete the car and repainting down the road plus a few other things to add on

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    Re: my bosozoku inspired 1982 prelude

    I like it! :tu: :tu:

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    Re: my bosozoku inspired 1982 prelude

    Thanks bud. Nardi wheel will be installed this weekend

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    Re: my bosozoku inspired 1982 prelude

    Must say I think the dangling oil cooler hoses just look pretentiously silly when any sane person would secure them behind the bumper.. but I guess that is the whole point of bosozoku. :mrgreen:
    Burgundy interior certainly looks suitably lush.
    Wheel design & lowness look great, and nice to see the effort that has gone in to it so far.

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    Re: my bosozoku inspired 1982 prelude

    How about some insane amount of camber like those Oni kyan Bippu cars?
    (And lose the fuzzy dice)

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    Re: my bosozoku inspired 1982 prelude

    Looks great and definitely unique :tu:

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    Re: my bosozoku inspired 1982 prelude

    This looks pretty kakoii! Neko.

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    Re: my bosozoku inspired 1982 prelude

    thanks guys appreciate the comments i got some updated pics of the interior with the wood nardi wheels and 300mm bubble knob i'll post up later

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    Re: my bosozoku inspired 1982 prelude

    this is a really well executed build cant wait to see more

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    Re: my bosozoku inspired 1982 prelude

    went to a car show this past weekend down here in panama city florida i go to every year.. didnt plan on entering the lude but when i got there i said why not here some pics from

    start with the update interior pic with the nardi wood wheel and 300mm bubble knob adapted

    and one from

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