Got me a bike, a pretty decent one at that. It's a bit rough, but hey, I like 'em that way :lol:
Enter one 1977 Suzuki GS550E.

Doesn't currently run and hasn't done so for 10 years or more, I have a feeling the electronic ignition's playing up and I know for damn sure the carbs will need cleaning/kitting and balancing. Got a factory headlight fairing/windscreen thing with a broken windscreen around here somewhere, if I can find a replacement 'screen it'll probably go on.

Needs the aforementioned carb work, new battery, fix whatever the hell's wrong with the electrics, replace what needs replacing, new tyres and the tank, sideplates and headlight fairing thing will need respraying and it'll be done. Ready to cart me about while I go through the restricted stage of my motorcycle licence, and probably onwards.

Edit: It's actually a '77, my bad.