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Thread: te31 suspension ??

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    te31 suspension ??

    Hey guys,

    Looking to convert my front struts to coilovers with the ground control coilover kit from, Would any of you know if i can use te27 kit for the te31? If anyone can throw me any info.

    I plan to in the future change to ae86 suspension....

    OH and another thing. i heard you can use camaro rear shocks to stiffen the ride. Do any of you know what year shocks to use?

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    Re: te31 suspension ??

    Camaro or Mustang shocks, both are exactly the same.

    KYB AGX Part numbers are 743020 and 743019.

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    Re: te31 suspension ??

    They have a section just for te31/37 corollas

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