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Thread: Hello... I'll stop lurking now

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    Hello... I'll stop lurking now

    So... I've finally decided to post something, so I'll have to introduce myself. I'm married to mara9642, and I dislike rotaries, but only because she likes them. Between the 2 of us, we've got a 2010 RX8, a 1985 RX7, a 1999 Miata, and a 1972 Datsun 521. We're building the RX7 into a stage rally car, but we don't have any money so we're just rallycrossing out of the SCCA Cal Club (Porterfield Glen Helen Championship) series and CRS rallycross championship.

    If it makes you guys feel any better, I lurk on the Ratsun forums as well.

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    Re: Hello... I'll stop lurking now


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